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Do you know our history?

Every citizen of a country has an obligation to learn about that country, its history, its purpose, its government. Of no less importance is the learning of their own responsibility to that country. America, Land of Opportunity is a course that will teach your high schooler (10th – 12th) their rights and responsibilities as an American citizen.

America, Land of Opportunity (text), the matching journal, and Voices of America’s Past (the compilation that goes with the course) are all meant to be used together. If you do the course as it is laid out (there is a detailed 36 week lesson plan at the front of every journal), it is worth: 1 credit – American history, 1/2 credit – American government, 1/2 credit – American geography. If you add the literature that is listed in the back of the book, and you follow the literary analysis form included in the journal, you may add 1 credit – American literature.

ALOO                     Available through Jellybean Jar Publications! Want to see?

Our friends at Rainbow Resource have put together a literature package to go

along with America, Land of Opportunity. Literature list is included in text book.


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