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Written Narration & Literature Analysis

Written narration (written summaries), vocabulary development, literary analysis, and critical thinking are all important skills for a student to learn during their high school years.

Introducing the Journal Your Thoughts Written Narration course for high schoolers!

The World Literature volume of this series is based on six whole books. This course will guide your high school student through: creating a vocabulary box, while building their vocabulary skills (very important and helpful for the ACT and SAT), reading six classics (reading assignments are included for each book), writing written narrations for each reading assignment, and finally, working through a thorough analysis of each book. Also included: optional extra activities and a detailed list of what makes a good written narration.

NOTE: all of the books needed to complete this Narration Journal are available through Rainbow Resource. I have included all of the ISBNs for ease in finding the books.

Available here as a digital download and in print form.


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