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The Middle Ages supplementary activities

When I released the first edition of The Middle Ages, and its matching journal, I had planned to publish a post on my website with a variety of activities to go along with the study. Life happened, and this plan was pushed to the back burner. Recently, I have had several families implore me to help them out with this. I promised that I would finally follow through with my original plan by creating a Pinterest board for this time period. Currently, you will find several great supplemental activities, links to recipes, videos, etc, on this board. Please note, the history channel movie that I pinned there is more appropriate for older students. Enjoy!

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  • Kathleen Miller

    After we complete America’s Story Vol. 1, 2 and 3 what do you recommend next? The Story of the Ancients, then The Story of the Middle Ages? Is there something after the Middle Ages?

    • Angela O'Dell

      Yes, the Story of the Ancients. 🙂 There is another World’s Story volume coming out later this fall (2018) to finish out that series – Explorers through Modern.

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