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What moms just like you are saying…

I wanted to share what moms just like you are saying about the new Math Lessons for a Living Education series! 

“I am so in love with these books!” Misty G

“My daughter liked math last Sept. She was 5 and K level. I found your MLFLE math books. Started using these in November. My daughter now LOVES math. Aside from nature studies, this is her favorite time of learning. She would sore through 4-5 lessons in one day to find out what the twins were up to and learning. She is on book two now and has finally slowed down a bit. Maybe 2-3 lessons a Day. We took a 1 1/2 month break at the start of June. She is real anxious about meeting up with the twins again. I will be exploring your history books in the next month for the start of Sept. Thank you so much for the style of living math you have written. My daughter is a very abstract thinker (like her mom, hehe) and this program puts math in the right context for her thinking. Again, Thank you!” Caris M.


“I bought a set to check out this year. I love the format!! It is so interesting and well written!” Jewel J


“My only peeve about your books is they weren’t around in 1994 when we began our homeschool journey with our first child;) lol! I believe she would have loved them and excelled in math. I “found” them with my 8th child when another program was not working for him due to his vision problems. We started him in the first book, in spite of almost being done with kindergarten, he just finished with book 4 at the close of 5th grade. And tested quite well on his state required achievement test. We are letting him take his time and savor the books, with no worries of what the level on the front cover is;) He is learning and loving math.” Sandie G.


“I just purchased a used copy-the [first] version, level 4-a few weeks ago. As I looked at it I really loved the way everything is presented and the methods used. Then upon looking online for a lower level for my youngest I found out about the new reprinting so I ordered new books for each of them. They just arrived and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful these books look! I can’t wait to use them! They are awesome! I liked your way of handling the Math so well, I just ordered your history 1 curric as well and can’t wait to use it. I think I have finally found an author who teaches/presents materials in a way that I want to “teach”/share with my children! Thank you!” Amy W.


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