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Part 7: doable resources for peace and sanity

Have you ever had to restart your smart phone, iPad, or computer? Sometimes there are too many apps running, too many windows open, too much power or memory being used – the gadget freezes up and stops responding. At this point, the only thing you can do is just hit the restart button.

This is exactly what I have to do with my life.


Restart. New mercy. New grace. New joy. New strength. New peace.

There have been times, and will continue to be times until I get to that Celestial Shore, that I have to hit restart. My life has become overheated, overwhelmed, and it’s acting just plain wonky.

So here is number 7 on my list of doable resources for peace and sanity…


We live in an insanely busy, noisy world.

Being able to recognize the need to hit restart is crucial to our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

We are constantly bombarded with suggestions of what we should be doing to be happy, healthy, and not missing out on anything.There are dozens of images to pin to my various Pinterest boards that should help me to organize, beautify, and simplify my life – basically an invitation to try harder to make my life seem less crazy.

As a parent (and homeschooler on top of that!), I am told that there are a thousand activities that my children “should” be doing in order to have a well-rounded life. These activities may all be good, but depending on our stage of life, they may not be the best. All of these ideas, suggestions, and life helps only end up adding to my overwhelmed state of mind if I’m not careful.

I’ve learned that it takes courage to stop…to breathe…to reevaluate what we are doing, where we are going, and what we are investing our time, and therefore our lives, into.

Is it just busyness for the sake of busyness? Is it bringing any lasting value to our lives? Are we just doing it because everyone else does it?

Maybe it’s all good, but we just really need to stop and take a break. Maybe we need to focus on relationships for a time. Is someone in our family really struggling with a certain area in their lives? Do they need some focused one-on-one time? Do we need to be dedicating more time to prayer for them?

As a mom, I have learned that when I focus too much on those distant, far-off goal that I tend to project onto my kids, I sometimes miss the day in which I’m standing. I miss who my child is right this minute – a stage that they may be out of tomorrow or the next day. I’m so focused on who I want them to become that I forget that this day, this moment with them, is the one I’ve been given. I lose the peace that comes from trusting God with their future.

I have to wonder if this is, indeed, a ploy of the enemy… to keep me so distracted that I fill my days with unnecessary work and activity, so that I look back on my life and see nothing eternal…nothing but endless busywork and mindless, relationship-less filling of hours.

When I stop and rest, when I ask God to show me exactly what it is that He wants me to focus on at this time in my life, this is when I realize that His yoke is easy and His burden in light. Each day comes with fresh mercy and strength that He is waiting to give me, if I will be brave enough to ask.

Each day He invites me to hit the restart button, to lay down the burdens that I bear down at His feet. He doesn’t want me to drag along my ever accumulating burden of grief, pain, tiredness, and whatever else that is zapping me, overheating me, and making me feel overwhelmed…and maybe even act wonky.

Restart. New mercy. New grace. New joy. New strength. New peace.




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