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America’s Story 1 samples!

It is with great excitement that I am sharing this sample of the ALL NEW Master Books Editions of America’s Story 1 – the first volume of my history series, A Living History of Our World to be updated. America’s Story 1 is due for release this month!

What has stayed the same?  You will find all of the same content – the same friendly narrative of history, the same narration prompts, and the same gentle approach to teaching and learning history, in the same format with a story-text book and a student journal. 

What is ALL NEW? You will find all new graphics and these added elements: additional teaching resources, materials lists, mapping adventures and feature focuses in each chapter, and a MUCH expanded student journal featuring more hands-on fun, geography connections, vocabulary building exercises, drawing, and of course the incredible 180 day schedule that makes Master Books curriculum so easy to implement!

(If you would prefer to view the sample as a file, click here.)


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  • Keri Hess

    I was wondering if one would need to get anything to add to this curriculum? Meaning, do you need to get books on certain topics or is it covered pretty well and you don’t need to add supplements? Thanks so much, Keri

    • Angela O'Dell

      This is a complete curriculum on its own, but written in such a way that you can easily go more into depth if you wish. If you look under the FAQ tab at the top of this blog, you will see a page for supplemental resources that I recommend. 🙂

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