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In stock and ready to ship!

The NEW Master Books edition of America’s Story 1 is in stock and ready to ship!

These beautifully updated editions of the well-loved Charlotte Mason style history program, A Living History of Our World, are going to blow you away!

Want to look inside?

Samples of the Student book (story-text).

Samples of the Teacher Guide/Student Journal.

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  • Shelley White

    Do you know what sold me on your curriculum? Your sweet encouragement, and of course your wonderful curriculum! Your encouragement was like the icing on my cake. 😊Is there a way for me to see a sample of volume 2? Thank you!

    • Angela O'Dell

      Thank you. πŸ™‚ That’s very sweet of you. Which Volume 2 are wanting to see? America’s Story Vol. 2 or World’s Story Vol. 2?
      America’s Story Vol. 2 is available (substantial samples at masterbooks.com) and World’s Story 2 samples are not available yet. We are looking at a release date for World’s Story 2 in August.

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