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Master Books editions of America’s Story

“History comes alive in the stories and adventures of explorers and pioneers who saw in America the chance to live a dream — to freely worship God, to have the chance to own land, and the search for wealth and opportunities. It is also the story of cultures that at times cooperated or clashed, as well as distant rulers and countries who saw a chance to expand their power through conflict or treaty.”

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  • Jessica

    Thank you for these books! We enjoyed your first book and my children really liked the student journal. Is the teacher’s guide kind of a replacement for the student journals?

  • Virginia

    This is our first year using Masterbooks. I’m already regretting not starting in America’s Story 1!

    I would like to know if you have a list of books recommended for reading about the Spanish-American War and Teddy Roosevelt? My son is at a 5th grade reading level and I would love a good read aloud for him. Any other book list pertaining to the #3 book would also be greatly appreciated.


    • Angela O'Dell

      Hi, Virginia 🙂 I do have book lists and links to Pinterest boards. To access them, simply go the FAQ tab at the top of this blog. In the drop down menu, click on “History Supplemental Resource lists.”

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