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my THM story…

Over the last three and a half months, I’ve been on a journey of taking my health back. I had noticed that over the last three years, I had been putting on weight. Being someone who has never really struggled with weight (and having the ability to carry it “well”), I wasn’t too worried. I hadn’t been on a scale in over two years, but I knew that there was more of me than there used to be! I had gone up a size in shirts, and the jeans I used to be able to slip into with no problem were cutting me in half when I sat down. I also realized that the circumference of my arms and legs had expanded substantially. Still, I wasn’t too concerned…I’d probably gained 10 or 12 lbs is all…nothing too major.

Then my daughter became engaged, and I went in search for a dress… Yikes. I found one that I thought was reasonably flattering – until I saw the pictures. Double yikes. Reality began to sink in. I’m in my early to mid 40s. There is a history of health issues from both of my parents (heart issues, diabetes, and high blood pressure), and I knew I didn’t want to go down any of those roads because of carelessness. I worked up enough courage to step on the scale. The number that stared back at me was the highest I’ve ever seen without being 9 months pregnant. It wasn’t the 10-12 pounds that I thought. It was 25 pounds. To say I was stunned is an understatement. I couldn’t figure out how this had happened. I knew that I sit a lot more than I used to, but I really didn’t eat a whole lot. (My daily intake of calories was about 1,200.)

me wedding pic 2

I had picked up the ebook of Trim Healthy Mama a year before and read a few chapters of it, but because I didn’t have an urgency to take control of my health, I didn’t take it very seriously. I decided to take a closer look at the plan, so I bought myself a print copy of the Trim Healthy Mama book and cookbook. As I read it, I knew that it was worth trying. I started by cutting sugar out of my diet. I couldn’t believe how much this affected me! I’m not a huge sugar hound; in fact, I really didn’t eat sugar in the form of candy or other junk food. But sugar is in so much of our food – it’s really quite incredible. I began looking at labels and choosing food with no sugar. Within a month, I had dropped five pounds. By the middle of October, I was ready to start the THM plan. I began separating fuels and building a list of meals that I could easily throw together when I was working. It was a learning curve, for sure, but it became easier as I realized what my body needed to have for energy. I noticed that my clothes were becoming more comfortable and in some cases, too big.

Since October 10th, I’ve lost almost 25 pounds. I’ve had to buy smaller jeans – yay – and my face is a lot thinner! But most of all, I’m in control of what is going into my body. The weight made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin – like I was on a fast-track to a truly unhealthy place. I now know that I am doing everything that I can to make sure that I am taking care of my body. I recently purchased the THM Work-in program, which I am going to begin implementing two or three times a week. I’m excited to strengthen my core and firm up muscle. If you are looking for a way to take control of your weight and health, I highly recommend Trim Healthy Mama. It’s such a doable way to control weight. There is an AMAZING Facebook group that has been so supportive and helpful!


A picture taken at the beginning of December. (That’s my beautiful 20-year-old daughter.)


My hubby took this yesterday (without me knowing, lol!).

Side note…

I have to be honest, guys… I love a couple pieces of toast with my morning coffee. If an eating plan prohibited me from this, I honestly don’t know how long I would stick with it! One of the reasons I love the THM plan is that I can eat the foods that I like. There isn’t some weird shake or mix that I have to buy – it’s real food. I actually take in more calories now than I used to when I was packing on weight.


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  1. I have their cookbook, but I need to get it together and start their plan. Thanks for sharing .

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