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In Preparation for the Online Charlotte Mason Conference…

Next week, I will be speaking at an online Charlotte Mason homeschooling conference. Usually when I speak at a (non-virtual) conference, I like to mingle and connect with the attendees before I begin sharing my heart with them. I ask them questions about who they are, why they are there, what they are hoping to learn, and if there is a particular question for which they have prayed for an answer. I’ve made a number of good friends by doing this. As I am preparing for this online conference, I find myself feeling disconnected because I know I will not be able to interact with my attendees before sharing my heart at the conference. That is the reason for this post.

Below the conference information video, I have given a synopsis of the topics about which I will be sharing. If you plan on attending my conference sessions, please connect with me by leaving a comment on this post or privately, through my contact form, answering these questions:

  • Who are you? [What is your name? How many children do you have? How long have you been homeschooling? Are you familiar with the Charlotte Mason method of teaching history or the language arts skills? If not, is there something I can clarify?]
  • What do you most care about in your homeschooling endeavors?
  • Why are you attending this conference?
  • About what question(s) have you been praying for an answer?

Here is the link to REGISTER for the Charlotte Mason Online Conference. You aren’t going to want to miss this opportunity for refreshment and encouragement. There are a number of experienced voices from the homeschool community speaking about a variety of topics…All for only $10!

My Session Information and times:

#1: Growing Naturally in Language Skills [Tuesday, June 25, 6.00 pm CST]

Confident writing ability is the result of well-developed thinking and communication skills. Charlotte Mason placed high value on encouraging the children to tap into and develop their God-given love of telling what they know. In this session, Angela speaks from her own experience of employing the Charlotte Mason approach to teaching language skills to her own children.

This session will give helpful information about:

  • my favorite Charlotte Mason method resources for teaching LA
  • the importance of communication the power of “living books”
  • the why’s and how’s of oral narration
  • how and when to transition into written narration
  • the incredible value of copywork 
  • no-stress composition in the higher grades
  • the humble servants: spelling and grammar
  • building vocabulary in a natural way

#2: Learning & Teaching History from a Biblical Worldview [Wednesday, June 26, 3:00 pm CST]

In this session, Angela dives into the hows and whys of teaching history from a Biblical worldview. As an author who has worked for more than a decade to produce history curriculum that reaches into the heart of the student, she shares her heart and passion for teaching history in a fresh and relevant way for this generation of homeschooling parents and children. 

A few of the topics covered in this workshop:

  • I don’t want to teach my children a religiously sterilized version of history. What does history from a Biblical worldview look like? 
  • Why is it important to learn history from a Biblical worldview? Isn’t history just history?
  • My kids don’t like history; how do I make it interesting to draw them in? [Teaching children their place in history.]
  • When should I start teaching my kids history? 
  • Do I have to teach history in chronological order?
  • Angela talks about her new podcast for kids that launches July 1st.
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