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Hello, friends! I am ready to open up an all new platform for all of you. 

I have been on Facebook for 11 years, and I believe that it is time for me to leave that platform. Over the last few months, Christian conservative groups have been increasingly targeted. I have had content removed, hidden from my community, and held hostage unless I pay for it to be seen.

I’ve had enough of it. After a lot of prayer for direction, I have launched my own social network space on Mighty Networks. I am so excited to share with you the features of this new space.

Just a little information about this new direction:
1. We now have a PRIVATE community on Mighty Networks. YAY!

2. This new platform is kind of like OWNING our very own Facebook platform, complete with groups, live interactions, AND a direct link to my professional PRIVATE, password protected, Zoom account where we can do scheduled events like Q&As, prayer meetings, etc. SOOO exciting.

3. Because it is PRIVATE, nothing will be blocked or removed by any overseeing “authority” except the moderators of our group. Yes!

4.This community will be built BY US, FOR US. This means that every single one of you plays an important role in the community. Encouragement, support, advice, tips…it’s all here from and for us to each other.

5. Our community has its own APP. Seriously, people, we have an app! You will be instructed how to access that app (available for Android and IOS) once you go to the link below and sign up to be part of the community.

It’s FREE to you. So, don’t delay! And tell your friends about it, too! 

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