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NEW Online Course for Homeschoolers

Home Sweet Homeschool

Is an interactive, online course, filled with authentic, heart-focused encouragement, practical advice, and real-life solutions for homeschool moms, from Master Books author and homeschool veteran, Angela O’Dell

My heart for you…

As my own twenty-two-year homeschooling journey has come to a close, my mind has been sifting and sorting through the lessons and truths I have learned throughout the last two decades of my life. I feel my heart being drawn to those brave moms who are traveling along the road behind me. My fingers have flown over the keys of my computer keyboard, as the Holy Spirit has pointed out the landmarks of His work in and through our homeschooling experience.

Memories of my younger self – insecure, powerless, overwhelmed – have flooded my heart and poured down my cheeks in tears of thankfulness to the One who has healed the heart, mind, and soul of that younger me. And it was here, at this point of utter gratefulness…

I knew I needed to create this course for you. I knew I needed to pass on the truth of His faithfulness in our weakness, His grace in our humanness, and His mercy in our imperfections. That is what this course is about…courageous living, peaceful minds, and hope-filled lives, which leads to better homeschooling.

But you know what?

I’ve been there too and this is what I’ve learned:

When I know: why I am homeschooling, understand what my responsibility is, focus on the todays of my life, relinquish control of the outcome, and find the power in flexibility

I can rise above the mess and noise of life to live and homeschool with a clear purpose.

Are you ready to find out more?

Here is what we are going to cover…

Lesson 1

Knowing Your WHY

For the first several years of my homeschool journey, I did not have a clue why I was homeschooling. Because of this, I was a serious curriculum junkie. I did so much hopping around from one curriculum to another, my children ended up never finishing any particular course in several key subjects. I remember the pain I felt when I realized what I was doing was not beneficial to any of us. So, this is me grabbing your hand to get your attention…do you need help with this?

Lesson 2

Establishing Foundations

Heart-focused training in obedience – we’re not talking about mindless conformity here – must be our first step in establishing a foundation to build upon. If we do not have our children’s obedience, we will not have much success in homeschooling. In this lesson, I tell you about one of the most difficult lessons I have learned or taught.

Lesson 3

Choosing & Buying Curriculum

Mamas, did you know your homeschooling success depends more on discovering your teaching and parenting style than on discovering your child’s “learning style”? In this lesson, I give advice and tips based on a lesson I learned the hard way. I also give my best advice about choosing and buying curriculum.

Lesson 4

Going in as a Team

When homeschooling is approached as a team activity, the students are made aware early in the game that their parents expect them to be active participants in the process. This not only eases the burden of the parents, but it teaches the children that they are responsible for their life’s outcome. Homeschooling should be approached as a process of discovery by all parties involved. This lesson gives practical team-building tips.

Lesson 5

Managing Expectations

Mamas, we are the atmosphere setters in our homes. So many of us come from broken places. Our pasts are strewn with shattered pieces of our hearts. Fear of abandonment, failure, and rejection keeps us tightly bound inside of ourselves, trying to protect the jagged pieces that are all we have left. In this lesson, I tell you about my personal journey through the broken pieces of my past, towards healing and wholeness. Expectations can make or break us. So often they feel far too heavy to carry. Let’s lay them at the foot of the cross together.

Lesson 6

Knowing Our Responsibility

How do we know where our commitment to our children crosses the line into trying to control what isn’t ours to control? Knowing what is ours to take on is one of the most important lessons we can learn in our homeschooling journey. In this lesson, we explore responsibility and boundaries in homeschooling.

Lesson 7

No Worries!

Worry. Trust. Which one comes naturally to us as human mothers? Dumb question, right? In this lesson, we discuss how easy and natural it is for us to waste day after day worrying about the future. We MUST remember this truth. God does not make mistakes. He placed us and our children right here at this spot in history for a reason.

Lesson 8

Mama, Take Care of Yourself!

We need Jesus to serve Jesus. We can’t give what we don’t have. In this lesson, we explore the ongoing pursuit of balanced priorities. What is the key to a peacefully stable life? Staying plugged in is the only way we are going to make it through life here on this rocky soil.

Lesson 9

Making Your Plans in Pencil

There is so much strength in flexibility, but being flexible requires a level of trust that many of us struggle to maintain. In this lesson, we discuss practical ways to grow in this area and how to apply them to our homeschooling lives. 

Lesson 10

Finding Someone to Mentor

The lessons we learn in life are not only for us, they are for those whom God has placed in our lives. Growing a pay-it-forward mindset enables us to be open and willing to speak truth into those around us. In this last lesson, I invite you to not only learn from me, but to find someone to invest in. 

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