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NEW Online Course for Homeschoolers

Home Sweet Homeschool

Is an interactive, online course, filled with authentic, heart-focused encouragement, practical advice, and real-life solutions for homeschool moms, from Master Books author and homeschool veteran, Angela O’Dell

But you know what?

I’ve been there too and this is what I’ve learned:

When I know: why I am homeschooling, understand what my responsibility is, focus on the todays of my life, relinquish control of the outcome, and find the power in flexibility

I can rise above the mess and noise of life to live and homeschool with a clear purpose.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

In 10 video lessons
  • Know your WHY. It will inspired and motivate you like nothing else.
  • Establishing foundations. What the first step MUST be.
  • Get the skinny on choosing and buying curriculum.
  • Homeschooling is a team sport, not a lone-wolf mission.
  • Managing expectations. I share the hardest lesson I’ve learned.
  • Knowing [what is and isn’t] our responsibilities.
  • No worries. For such a time as this.
  • Mama, take care of your self. We need Jesus, to serve Jesus.
  • Make your plans in pencil. The power of flexibility.
  • The power of paying it forward.

My heart for you…

As my own twenty-two-year homeschooling journey has come to a close, my mind has been sifting and sorting through the lessons and truths I have learned throughout the last two decades of my life. I feel my heart being drawn to those brave moms who are traveling along the road behind me. My fingers have flown over the keys of my computer keyboard, as the Holy Spirit has pointed out the landmarks of His work in and through our homeschooling experience.

Memories of my younger self – insecure, powerless, overwhelmed – have flooded my heart and poured down my cheeks in tears of thankfulness to the One who has healed the heart, mind, and soul of that younger me. And it was here, at this point of utter gratefulness…

I knew I needed to create this course for you. I knew I needed to pass on the truth of His faithfulness in our weakness, His grace in our humanness, and His mercy in our imperfections. That is what this course is about…courageous living, peaceful minds, and hope-filled lives, which leads to better homeschooling.

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