Hello friends,

Thank you for choosing to spend some time with me today. I’m so happy you stopped by.

I know from experience that the decision to educate your children at home often feels heavy for many reasons. At the top of that list, is one of the foundational reasons for this website: true home education is about as counter-cultural as you can get, and because of this, it can be difficult to find your way and gauge your success.

Right here at the beginning of our conversation, I want to acknowledge the weight that you may be feeling concerning your homeschooling decision.

This year, millions of families across the nation have joined the ranks of homeschoolers, due to the COVID-related fear, confusion, and mandates, and of course not all of them have chosen to homeschool because they feel called to do so.

Whether you fall into that category or not, I hope that I can encourage your heart. For those of you who are currently feeling overwhelmed and forced into this place in your life, I pray that I can encourage you to welcome this change of direction being thrust upon you.

God’s plans for us are often not something within our comfort zone; I certainly know this from experience.

My dream for this website is to be a place of authenticity, encouragement, truth, and comfort for your heart, soul, and mind, as we travel together through the hills and valleys of growth required on this journey.

So, I invite you to pour yourself of a cup of coffee or tea and join me.

My name is Angela, and I’m your friend.

P.S. If you would like to read more about me, go here.

P.S.S. I’ve recently created this online course to help new homeschoolers start out on the right foot. In ten, short (10-20 minutes), informal video lessons and matching printables, I walk you through all of the important lessons I have learned in my 22-year homeschooling journal.