Angela O’Dell

Homeschool Veteran – Curriculum Specialist – Certified Life & Leadership Coach – Childhood Development Specialist ~ Specializing in the Homeschool Community

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In all of my years of homeschooling, hearing about the great accomplishments of someone who has gone before me never motivated me in my own work or inspired me in my own leadership roles. Therefore, I am not going to regale you with mine, my husband’s, or my children’s. Have we accomplished and achieved much? Yes. We truly have, because God is faithful and homeschooling works, but that is not why you are here on my website, reading my “about me” page.

You are here because you want to know what I have to offer you. You are asking the questions: “How can she help me?” and “What gives her the authority to speak into my life?” Or you might just be curious about who I am and what my credentials are.

As a homeschooling mama of four, I know how important real, authentic support and encouragement truly is, so…

I want to tell you right here and now, before you read another word, that I do not have all of the answers. In fact, there are still days, after 20+ years of homeschooling, that I get discouraged, perplexed, befuddled, and just plain flummoxed…because I’m human, and humans feel that way sometimes.

Because I have never received everything I need from a human being – no matter how much they know, how much they love me, and how much they wanted to help me – I know that I cannot give you everything you need. What I do have, I give to you freely. What I have learned, I pass on to you with all of the love and support you can imagine. What I can do for you, I do with all of my heart and soul. But God is the only One who knows you, your children, your situation, and your future. If my words and advice do not point you to Him, then please, do not listen to me.

So, in answer to the questions on your mind…

“How can she help me?” and “What gives her the right to speak into my life?”

I love working with homeschooling families. It is my passion. God has given me a burning desire to allow Him to bless you through me.

My training as a certified Christian Life and Leadership Coach enables me to approach each individual and their family as the unique situation they truly are. No two people are alike. No two homes are alike. Therefore no two homeschooling families are alike. When I am asked to help a new homeschooling family, I guide the parent in studying their whole situation, taking into account everything that makes them – them. Together, we refine and articulate their “why?” for homeschooling. I help them to pinpoint their potential trouble spots, giving them guidance in understanding why it could be a trouble spot for them. Prevention of overload is my #1 applied solution.

Often, I am asked to help a parent to grow in their leadership skills. They have experienced enough bumpy road and overwhelm to realize that they need to grow personally in order to fill the new parameters of this calling on their lives. Because I know that leadership training is vastly important in Christian homes, I spend a considerable amount of time teaching “growth hacks” and principles as they apply to the homeschooling family.

Oftentimes, when I am asked to help with a breakdown, it is something relatively minor that is causing stress in their lives. Sometimes the fact that they are now responsible for their children’s education is shining a light on raw spots in their own heart and soul, bringing up old feelings of inferiority and insecurity, leading them to believe that they are not equal to this task.

After helping them pinpoint the problem, I coach them in thinking through what the possible solutions could be, giving them alternative ideas to help ease through the particular rough spot. I encourage them and give them practical and applicable advice, helping them to design and put a system into place that will enable them to keep their lives and homes running and moving in the right direction.

The issues that I help parents deal with fall into two main categories: people issues and homeschooling materials issues. Individually, these issues can cause a lot of stress and pain. Together, they can bring even the strongest personalities to their knees.

Thankfully, both of these types of issues can be pinpointed and worked through. I love helping people move forward in their lives and homeschools.

Because I am a homeschooler and have personal experience with a vast variety of homeschooling curriculum, methods, and learning styles and issues, I understand the angst of searching for the right curriculum. Learning materials are often not designed and written in a way that is conducive to true learning. As a curriculum specialist, I often implement my training in childhood development (through the American Association of Christian Counseling) in the design and content of my own curriculum. It gives me great joy to see children connecting with their learning process and parents being able to breathe and rest in knowing that they can do a good job with their children’s education.

I hope I have answered your questions clearly. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me using the contact form in the main menu.

Angela is, first and foremost, a follower of the One True King. She’s been happily married to her husband Dave for 28 years. She is a homeschool veteran of 20+ years, and she is the author of several curriculum series published through the Biblical worldview curriculum company, Master Books. She is a certified Teen Life Coach and Leadership and Life Coach with the John Maxwell Leadership Training Team, and has extensive training through the AACC, specializing in Childhood Development (including abuse and trauma), Family Development, and Parental Influence and Leadership.