America’s Story Series

What does America’s Story offer your family?

  • Flexibility to teach one student or a dozen at one time!
    • The flexible, optional schedule will carry you and your family through each course in one 36-week school year.
    • The narrative style of history telling is easy to follow and encourages the students to engage in the process, as they weave their way through the storyline of our great country.
    • The activity pages, found in the Teacher’s Guide, may be used in any way you want. Use them all or pick and choose. This is a tool for you, the expert of your particular children.
  • Beautiful, full color pictures, illustrations, and maps help engage each of your children.
  • Many elements of the Charlotte Mason method are sprinkled liberally throughout the course.
    • Oral and written narrations
    • Hands-on and art projects to bring learning alive
    • Zoomed-in looks at individuals and how their lives make up the great tapestry of our history
    • A focus on God’s involvement and His incredible ability to use even the most imperfect characters in history

Learn how the Heart-Focused Method is used in America’s Story

America’s Story Audiobooks!

Come along with me, as we wind our way down the path of American history together. If your kids love the Real Cool History for Kids Podcast Show, they’re going to love these audiobooks full of amazing American history adventures.

America’s Story 1 and 2 audiobooks are available NOW, and America’s Story 3 will be coming later this summer.

America’s Story, volume by volume…

America’s Story 1 begins at the time of the dispersion after the Tower of Babel and carries the story of our history up through the Great Gold Rush.

Your students will become acquainted with the original Americans, follow the adventures of the European explorers, watch the colonization of the western world unfold before their eyes, be gently guided as they hear about tragic events such as the American involvement with the African slave trade and the unjust treatment of the native Americans being removed from their land. They will shake hands with the Founding Fathers and watch as the Constitution is signed. They will travel with Lewis and Clark through the vast and unknown territory bought from Napoleon Bonaparte for a fraction of its actual value. They will travel with pioneer families down the Erie Canal and across the open plains on their way to settle the West.

America’s Story 2 picks up at the beginning of the tumultuous events leading up to the American Civil War and carries the story up through the Industrial Revolution during the late 19th century.

Your students will become acquainted with the original Americans, follow the adventures of the Your students will become acquainted with the events and issues that led up to the American Civil War, and they will contemplate the stories of some of the most important people of that time period, whose lives made up that segment of our country’s history. They will stand next to Abraham Lincoln as he delivers a speech that he had scribbled on the back of an envelope on his train ride to a battleground where thousands of young men had died in a horrible battle. They will watch as our country works through the intense pain of trying to move past that war that nearly divided us forever. They will have a front row seat as the story of the wild, wild west unfolds before them, and they will shake hands with the outlaws that will eventually become the heroes of legends.

America’s Story 3 continues the story of our country’s history from the beginning of the 20th century through the modern age.

In this final volume of the America’s Story curriculum set, your students will fly in the earliest airplanes, bump down the road in a Model T Ford, and watch the Titanic sink. They watch in awe as skyscrapers fill the city skylines and the Industrialized Age sweeps across the nation with all of its newest inventions and gadgets. They will begin to understand the events that led the world into two wars, and they will watch Americans celebrate when the soldiers came marching home into the years often called the Golden Age. They will travel decade by decade through the Civil Rights Movement and cheer along side of me as I tell them about the desegregation that was long overdue. They will learn the sad truth of the lives that were lost to the horrific events of September 11, 2001. Throughout the entirety of our ride through history, I will be there to help them and you, the parent, to see the hand of God on our story.