Individual Podcasts

The Indescribable Redeeming Love of God! [This is an extremely special podcasts with a guest, who is one of my closest friends.]

Pretending to Be Perfect

Seeing Spelling as a Servant  (Here is the blog post I mentioned in the Spelling podcast episode.)

“Education is a Science of Relation” Workshop from the 2017 conference season

The Art of Narration and Copywork – What Blab-school Teachers Knew!

History and Tater-tot Hotdish

Relational Math Workshop from the 2017 conference season

August Episodes!  
                   Help For Beginners Podcast Series
1. 5 Practical Tips Before You Start
2. 5 Facts I Wish I'd Been Told at the Beginning
3. 5 Life-saving Words of Encouragement for 
   Homeschool Moms
FREE printable worksheet/notes for each podcast in this series:
Episode 1   Episode 2    Episode 3

Charlotte Mason for Today’s Student (part 2)

Charlotte Mason for Today’s Student (part 1)

Focus on Math Lessons for a Living Education

Being Your Child’s Ally

Where the Rubber Meets the Road


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