“These boys just finished America’s Story 1! We loved each step of the way. They begged to do it each morning and there were always cheers when it was time to start history! When I read your words to them, it was easy to “hear” your voice and feel your love of the stories. You presented the hard, sad subjects with sensitivity, truth, and grace – thank you! We have had so many wonderful, gospel conversations as a result of reading the book. It prompted us to explore the history surrounding our town as well. For example, we got to visit an Underground Road home a few weeks ago (my 6 year old is still wondering where the train was – ha)! As we closed the pages of the book today, the boys said, “We don’t have to wait until fall to start the next one, right? We have all summer!” That’s the best compliment they could give you! Here are a few pictures of fun they had on this journey. I hope it encourages you to know that God is using you to make big ripples!” ~ Ashley Kay