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Enter to win the September 2022 merch giveaway!

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Hey kids, here’s your chance to enter your name for the September merch giveaway! This month’s giveaway is your choice of REAL COOL HISTORY FOR KIDS T-shirt!

Please follow the instructions below to enter.

Here’s how to enter: NO NEED TO “PURCHASE’ AN ENTRY!

  1. Open the review tab for this product.
  2. Write a review and rate (5 stars!) the Real Cool History for Kids Podcast Show!
  3. Make sure to leave your name! (If you want, you can leave your first name and your last initial.)
  4. Send me an email with your mailing address, name, and age to contact@angelaodell.com.
  5. Wait for July 2 to hear if you won the drawing!

14 reviews for Enter to win the September 2022 merch giveaway!

  1. Lincoln Martin

    my name is Lincoln I love history and its hard to find Christian base view. My favorite story’s are the sinking of all the the ships

  2. Melissa P.

    As a parent I love how Real Cool history for kids engages my children and keeps them wanting to learn more about history.

  3. The Miller children -Hollybeth, Ross, Gloriana, Lizzie, Kenzie , Aliyah

    Angela is a gifted storyteller!
    My 6 children & I love to listen every morning at breakfast !
    Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Alina

    This is a really fun and enjoyable podcast. My brother and I really like listening to it.

  5. Andrea Williams (verified owner)

    I’m a mom of two little ones. I use to listen to audio books while I did chores and the girls played- I realized that my choice in novels might not be the best thing for them to listen to- so I spent time looking for a better option. I started with audio books for kids, and after listening to Winnie the Pooh a million times I discovered this podcast. My husband who listens to a lot of history podcasts loves listening to this too! It has become a favorite around the house and during trips in the car. Thank you for offering such a wonderful educational podcast for kids! It is refreshing to listen to a person who does not water stuff down/ talk down to kids. It is also refreshing to hear from a historian with a Christian world view. I could say so many things- but suffice it to say that we absolutely love Real Cool History for Kids.

  6. Klayton Bryan

    I am Klayton and history is my favorite thing ever. My favorite parts are the wars, and things like The Spirit of St. Louis

  7. Charleston F.

    It’s a really good thing to listen to on long car drives. I love listening to all the cool stories Angela O’Dell tells.

  8. Addie and Ryland E.

    We love Real Cool History for kids! We love to listen to it before we go to school!

  9. Lincoln – 8 years old

    I really like Real Cool History for Kids. I think it’s awesome! Every time I finish an episode, I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

  10. Erin

    Our family lives this podcast! We listen to it while we are preparing dinner. Thank you so much for doing this Christ centered podcast!

  11. Adeline S.

    I love Real Cool history for kids! I am a seamstress and I love to listen while I am sewing or doing school! I also love your history. I am doing the World’s Story 1 The Ancients Creation to the Roman Empire. So far I am loving it! Thanks so much for making my days so much better.

  12. Casey Morrison

    We love listening to this podcast as a family! The stories are so interesting and have great real- life application! Thank you for your biblical viewpoint so beautifully articulated.

  13. Jodeana Johnson (verified owner)

    Willow & Bill Johnson
    We love listening to the podcast! It’s nice to have our history told to us in interesting stories!

  14. Emma Mooney

    My name is Emma and history is my favorite subject! I love to listen to Real Cool History For Kids with my brother and sisters on my way to piano lessons each week. We enjoy it so much!

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