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As women, we wear a dozen hats, while we juggle an armload of balls. It’s easy to let the noise and mess around us become our focus until we are completely distracted and exhausted. How can we keep from running aground on all of the mess and demand of our busy, daily lives? How can we rise up and face each day with the fresh strength and joy of the Lord? How can we see ourselves as the warriors God says we are? For some of us, it’s easier to give grace than to receive it, and as a result, we find ourselves dryer than a desert in the middle of a drought. Let’s not wait until our sanity is rolling away with the tumbleweeds! Instead, let’s meet at the well of His Word. He has given us everything we need to not just survive another day, but to live victoriously as warriors in His strength. This Bible Study Journal for Busy Women will help guide you through a daily time of plugging into our true power source, suiting up for the battle, filling our canteen with living water, and rising up in the power of our Mighty God. We can live stronger and braver lives.


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