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Episode 56 – The Best Friend You Could Ask For (Includes the story of Creation. The story behind why I say: With the help of Jesus, be the best you ever.)

Episode 41 – Pharaohs & Pyramids (early ancient civilizations)

Episode 42 – Abandoned Cities from Ancient Times (early to mid Ancient Era)

Episode 21 – Ancient Americans (early to mid Ancient Era)

Episode 9 – The Boy in the Hole (Ancient Era – the story of Joseph & his brothers)

Episode 7 – The King’s Weird Dream (Ancient Babylon – early 600s BC)

Episode 22 – The Ancient Greeks (Mid to late Ancient Era)

Episode 86: The Ancient Chinese and their Wall (Ancient Chinese history)

Episode 67 – The Unsatisfied Conquerer – Alexander the Great (Mid to late Ancient Era) Episode 45 – Roman gladiators and soldiers (Mid to late Ancient Era)

Episode 84: Cleopatra, the Last Pharaoh – (Ancient Egyptian history)

Episode 29 – Crash! There Goes the Roman Empire! (late Ancient Era – Early Middle Ages)

Episode 53 – Yo-yo, What’s up? (covers ancient through modern look at the history of yo-yos)

Episode 30 – Lionheart, Lackland, & the Magna Carta (mid to late Middle Ages – Magna Carta: AD 1215 )

Episode 31 – The Mysterious East during the Middle Ages (spans the entire Middle Ages Era)

Episode 77: The History of Ninjas (Japanese Feudal Period – Middle Ages)

Episode 59: Joan of Arc – The Girl Who Saw Visions (Early 1400s)

Episode 36: The Reformation (Early to mid 1500s)

Episode 37: The Enlightenment – the door that led to two paths (1665-1815)

Episode 16: In Honor of Black History Month part 1 (from early 1500s through American Civil War – 1860s)

Episode 63: The Salem Witch Trials – Superstitions and Fear (1692-93)

Episode 27: A special first anniversary episode – Happy Birthday, America! (1600-1800)

Episode 28: The American Revolution from a World History Perspective – (1770s)

Episode 14: The Story of the Acadians – The French and Indian War (1750s)

Episode 15: Men of Powerful Words – Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin (mid 1700s)

Episode 12: John’s Amazing Conversion – the story of the hymn, Amazing Grace (1770s)

Episode 75: William Wilberforce – Abolition Hero (1759-1833)

Episode 46: U.S. Presidents (late 1700s – Modern)

Episode 34: Napoleon Comes Marching in (part 1)

Episode 35: Napoleon Goes Marching out (part 2) (Mid to late 1700s and early 1800s)

Episode 80: The Wooden Chess Player (1770-1854)

Episode 79: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea (early 1800s)

Episode 68: Tromping through the woods with Mr. Boone (1734-1820)

Episode 8: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – Harriet Tubman (Mid 1860s)

Episode 4: His Name was Mudd – part 1 (the assassination of President Lincoln) (1865)

Episode 5: His Name was Mudd – part 2 (Abandoned Places – Dry Tortugas) (1500s – 1870s)

Episode 23: Do You Hear the Drums? – the youngest soldiers of the Civil War (1860s)

Episode 24: We Fought too! – the girl soldiers of the Civil War (1860s)

Episode 51: Civil War Outlaws (1860s)

Episode 11: Thank You, Sarah! – how Thanksgiving became a national holiday (Mid 1800s)

Episode 66: The Story of Baseball (early 1800s – present)

Episode 73: Jesus Loves Me, this I know (mid-1800s – present)

Episode 25: Abandoned place – Ross Island, Abandoned Indian Military Prison island (Mid 1800s)

Episode 3: Why the Elephants Crossed the Bridge – The Making of the Brooklyn Bridge (1869)

Episode 64: The Story of Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

Episode 13: The Song on the Air Waves – the Story of Oh, Holy Night! (1871)

Episode 50: Annie Oakley – Little Miss Sure-shot (1870s-1890s)

Episode 26: Abandoned place – Battleship Island, Japan (1887-1974)

Episode 58: The History of Cereal (late 1800s-present)

Episode 6: The Great Big Wheel – the story of the Ferris Wheel, World’s Fair (1893)

Episode 10: Gustave’s Flying Machine – the true story of the first successful manned flight (late 1800s)

Episode 55: Flying through the Air with the Greatest of Ease – the story of the dirigibles and Zeppelins (Late 1800s – early 1900s)

Episode 81: The Amazing Life of Will Rogers (1879-1935)

Episode 44: Children of the early 1900s (American children – early 1900s)

Episode 74: The Flying Scotsman – Eric Liddell (1902-1945)

Episode 57: One Cold Night in April – the story of Titanic (1912)

Episode 2: Jack’s Story – the story of C.S. Lewis (1914)

Episode 76: A Dangerously Sticky Situation – The Great Molasses Flood (1919)

Episode 20: Abandoned Place – Fordlandia – the story of Ford’s South American industrial colony (1920s)

Episode 18: Abandoned Place – Beelitz Heilstätten, abandoned military hospital dating back pre-WW 1 (1910s-1990s)

Episode 72: The War to End all Wars – the Story of World War 1 (early 1900s-1918)

Episode 49: Where did You Go, Amelia? – story of Amelia Earhart (1930s)

Episode 69: A Visit to an Abandoned Nazi Resort – Prora (1939-present)

Episode 78: The Winter War (Winter of 1939/1940)

Episode 32: Winston Churchill’s War Offices and other abandoned places of WW2 (1940s)

Episode 33: Abandoned Place – St. Dunstan in the East, church in London (1940s)

Episode 40: The Day that Will Live in Infamy – the bombing of Pearl Harbor (December 7,1941)

Episode 85: The Skiing Soldiers (World War 2)

Episode 47: Midway, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima – American battles of WW2 (1942)

Episode 61: The Tuskegee Airmen (1940s)

Episode 82: Anne’s Diary (Anne Frank – 1929-1945)

Episode 60: Oak Ridge – Atomic City (World War 2)

Episode 65: No Greater Love than This – incredible story of Irena Sendler (WW2)

Episode 38: The Story of the 23rd – the famous Ghost Army of World War 2 (1940s)

Episode 71: Courage on the Beaches of Normandy – the story of D-Day (June 6, 1944)

Episode 39: The Heroes Who Fought to Save the Art – the story of the Monuments Men (WW 2)

Episode 83: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis (1946)

Episode 54: The War in the Jungles – The Vietnam War (1955 – 1975)

Episode 17: Part 2 In Honor of Black History Month (the Civil Rights movement of America)

Episode 52: Mission Moon! the story of Apollo 11 (July 1969)

Episode 70: Houston, We have a Problem! the story of the ill-fated space mission of Apollo 13 (1970)

Episode 19: Abandoned Places – Pripyat – The abandoned city near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. (1986)

Episode 62: Oil and Water, the Valdez Oil Spill (1989)

Episode 48: Pride Really Does Come Before a Fall – the story of Pompous Saddam Hussein (1990s)

Episode 43: The Day the Towers Fell, 9/11/2001

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