Home Sweet Homeschool

Over the 22 years of my homeschooling journey, I have learned numerous valuable lessons, the majority of which were gained through great personal struggles and triumphs. These are the lessons and truths I have poured into my NEW online course, Home Sweet Homeschool. Get ready to spend some time with me, as we walk through the Grace lessons of homeschooling together.

NOTE: everyone who completes this course will receive the downloadable version of my newly updated Bible study journal, The Warrior in the Mirror for FREE (a $16.99 value). Simply use the code: hsh100

Module 1 Introduction and Welcome
Unit 1 Before You Start
Unit 2 Welcome to Home Sweet Homeschool Video Introduction
Module 2 Lesson 1: Know Your Why
Unit 1 Articulating Our WHY worksheet
Unit 2 Starting with "Why?" is so important Video Lesson 1
Module 3 Lesson 2: Establishing Foundations
Unit 1 Our Family Foundation Worksheet
Unit 2 Establishing a Foundation Video Lesson 2
Module 4 Lesson 3: Choosing and Buying Curriculum
Unit 1 Choosing and Buying Curriculum and Materials Worksheet
Unit 2 Starting with the Necessities Video Lesson 3
Module 5 Lesson 4: Go in as a Team
Unit 1 Our Family Team Plan Worksheet
Unit 2 Instigating Team Action Video Lesson 4
Module 6 Lesson 5: Managing Expectations
Unit 1 Managing Expectations Worksheet
Unit 2 Ditching Comparison and Embracing Uniqueness Video Lesson 5
Module 7 Lesson 6: Knowing Our Responsibility
Unit 1 Knowing Our Responsibility Notes!
Unit 2 Knowing Our Responsibility Video Lesson 6
Module 8 Lesson 7: No Worries!
Unit 1 No Worries! Notes and outline
Unit 2 Now Worries! Video Lesson 7
Module 9 Lesson 8: Mama, take care of yourself
Unit 1 Mama, Take Care of Yourself notes Lesson 8
Unit 2 Mama, Take Care of Yourself - Video Lesson 8
Module 10 Lesson 9: Make Your Plans in Pencil
Unit 1 Make Your Plans in Pencil notes - Lesson 9
Unit 2 Make Your Plans in Pencil - Video Lesson 9
Module 11 Lesson 10: Paying it forward - Finding someone to mentor
Unit 1 Discipleship and Renewal Notes Lesson 10
Unit 2 Discipleship and Renewal Video Lesson 10