Thank you for Math Lessons

“I just wanted to thank you for the math lessons. I discovered it when my younger daughter was starting Kindergarten in 2018. She turned 6 in Nov of her kindergarten year. I honestly saw the book and thought it would be a great busy work book, as my only 2 goals for kindergarten is counting to 100, seeing how numbers are related and starting to blend. My son was doing Strayer-Upton in 3rd grade. After working through 16 lessons or so, I saw the benefit of the process. My daughter was getting place value, and when we covered time later in the year she clicked with it quickly as well. Halfway through 3rd grade, we switched my son to the 3rd grade book. He had covered a lot of it strayer-upton (and even a few concepts in the 4th grade book). I taught high school math, and I have looked at LOTS of math curriculum. I love the mastery and spiral within this. My kids love this and America’s story. The other day they were asking about other books you have written, and they were excited you were still alive. They love the history books and your podcast. I have not yet looked at the 6th grade book (I have looked at the 5th grade already), but I love the way you teach and do fractions, decimals and percents as well through the 4th and 5th. It was something my high schoolers struggled with as they did not have a strong foundation. Just after making the fraction kit, my son was seeing equivalent fractions before you covered it in the lesson. So thankful to have found this curriculum. I have shared with several moms locally. I love the simplicity the curriculum uses to teach the student math concepts. We are currently working through the beginning of long division, and it is so nice to see the gentle process working without the tears. I love strayer-upton. And while your curriculum is a different style, you both have similarities in teaching mult/division/fraction concepts in book 3 and weaving in review as you teach new concepts as well. Thank you for making math fun for my kids and mostly independent without having to use a computer!” Margaret