the story behind the name

When I had to choose a name for my publishing company, I knew I wanted something fun – something that meant something special to me.


Jelly Bean Jar Publications is in honor of my dad, who passed away eight years ago.

My dad loved jelly beans. I have so many memories of his glass jar, filled with his favorite flavors, sitting on his bookshelf. So many times, he helped me with my homework, each problem followed by a black jelly bean. When he passed away, I inherited his jelly bean jar. Countless times, I have imagined him opening it and sharing our special treat. Countless times, I have imagined him sitting on a chair at my elbow, reading over my shoulder, or commenting on an illustration that he especially liked, and I have wiped tears as I have written about some of his favorite characters in history – the very characters that he introduced to me so many years ago. Jelly Bean Jar Publications is where I offer your children books full of wonderment, and truth, a helping hand, and an invitation to you, my friend, to move forward together.


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