An in-depth look at the inside and the layout of the all new MASTER BOOKS edition of my favorite volume in my history series… The World’s Story 1 – The Ancients


An up close and personal look at how our family did notebooking and other creative output. Also, a candid talk about our worst school year ever.


We can change our lives by changing our thinking! A little of my backstory and a celebration of God’s incredible redeeming love.


Question and Answer – Math Lessons for a Living Education


Creative output #2, and how our family learned literature and writing. Also included a look through my very favorite resources for special needs teaching/learning.


A look inside of  You Could End Up in Timbuktu! also My Country, My State, My Responsibility!  (Both of these books are available as digital downloads on my website and in print through Rainbow Resource and Amazon.)

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