Kids love tear-free Math Lessons!

“My 7 year old loves Math for a Living Education. He has high functioning autism and ADHD so the short lessons are perfect for him. This year we have started level 4.” ~ Jennifer
“This is our first grader who has come to love math through MLFLE this year. He frequently asks to complete more than one lesson per day! He is successful each day and is excited to complete a new lesson each time we sit to work on math!” ~ Ginger
“Here is my little buddy earlier this year after completing his Level One book. He was so excited to move on to his doggy math. I’m thankful that at least one of my children got to start learning math with MLFLE ! No tears here.
Thank you!” ~ Laura
“This is Emily. She’s a big fan of your math books! She is a second grader and she’s on level 2 which she calls dog math because of the cover. She enjoys the stories and activities in her math book. She did level one last year as well.” ~ Ashley
“My daughter using Math 2.” [We love that happy face!] ~ Bethany
“Loving Math K!” ~ Nicole
Conquering Math 4 with a smile. [That’s confidence for you!]
“My 9 year old has ADHD and I have ADD as well. We so appreciate the short to the point lessons. Math Lessons are doable for our family with Math Lessons for a Living Education.” Nicole

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