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History Supplemental Resource lists

AN IMPORTANT NOTE about the supplemental resources list: PLEASE preview all materials before allowing your child to read or watch them. Most of the materials suggested in these lists have been used in my own home (under my supervision) or in trusted friends’ homes (under their supervision). However, please note that I cannot be responsible for the worldview of any books or material that I did not personally write (or was not published by Master Books). Also, these are not required resources to do these history courses; they are only suggestions. Please do not feel like you have to read or watch anything or everything on every list. Choose what works for your family. 

The America’s Story Volumes

America's Story page banner

*America’s Story 1 Supplemental list

*America’s Story 2 Supplemental list

*America’s Story 3 Supplemental list

Using the America’s Story Volumes for a high school course

Please note, I do have a high school level American History/government course available through my self-publishing company. You will find information about America, Land of Opportunity at the bottom of this page. 

The World’s Story Volumes

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The World’s Story 1 – The Ancients Supplemental List

The World’s Story 1 – Pinterest Board!

The World’s Story 2 – the Middle Ages Supplemental List

The World’s Story 2 – Pinterest Board!

The World’s Story 3 – The Modern Age Supplemental List 

The World’s Story 3 – Pinterest Board

Here are three separate [one year] plans for using The World’s Story for high school. 

#1. Condensed World’s Story plan for high school

#2.  Using Volume 1 [the Ancients] and Volume 2 [the Middle Ages] for high school 

#3. Using Volume 3 [the Modern Age] for high school  [You can find the optional, suggested literature journal here as a digital download and here in print. (The second link will take you to Amazon.)]

I highly recommend these books for your entire family! Learn about the legends and lore of world history through a Biblical Worldview…


Self Published Books Supplemental Resources 

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You Could End up in Timbuktu [buy] – Pinterest BoardRecommended Resources List

PLEASE NOTE: Each copy of You Could End up in Timbuktu includes a comprehensive list of recommended and optional resources to be used with the course. The Recommended Resource List above is included also.

America, Land of Opportunity [Buy] Student Journal [BuyVoices of America’s Past [Buy] Literature Package [buy]

America, Land of OpportunitySupplemental Resource List

My Country, My State, My Responsibility [buy] –  Recommended and Supplemental Lists included in every copy!

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