Homeschooling and Parenting Events:

These sessions can be adjusted to your specific event’s needs. Please read through the descriptions and indicate on Angela’s Speaker Request Form what your needs are.

The Great Adjustment

James 4:10 says, “Humble yourselves before the LORD, and He will lift you up in honor.” Homeschool frustrations are most often not really about the homeschooling – they are most often centered around the personal growth being required of us to meet the challenge homeschooling presents. We can no longer live our lives within the old parameters – we must be willing to allow God to grow us to meet the new ones. Growth is uncomfortable at best, and most of the time, downright painful. Jesus came to give us life abundantly, but we must be willing to journey and grow along the new paths He is leading us on. In this session, Angela shares her personal growth stories and how she is learning that homeschooling is not only about what we bring to the table, it’s far more about what HE can do with the humble offering of our lives and wills, bent and submitted under His mighty hand.

Saying Goodbye to Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the worst enemies to homes educating parents everywhere, and if not overcome, it will inevitably lead to severe burnout. Angela shares her own candid story of recovery from this disease of the soul. In this (slightly imperfect) workshop, you may laugh a little, squirm a little, and learn a little about how to live with open hands and to be satisfied with your imperfectly beautiful life.

 Learning & Teaching History from a Biblical Worldview

In this session, Angela dives into the hows and whys of teaching history from a Biblical worldview. As an author who has worked for more than a decade to produce history curriculum that reaches into the heart of the student, she shares her heart and passion for teaching history in a fresh and relevant way for this generation of homeschooling parents and children. 

A few of the questions and topics covered in this workshop:

  • I don’t want to teach my children a religiously sterilized version of history. What does history from a Biblical worldview look like? 
  • Why is it important to learn history from a Biblical worldview? Isn’t history just history?
  • My kids don’t like history; how do I make it interesting to draw them in? [Teaching children their place in history.]
  • When should I start teaching my kids history? 
  • Do I have to teach history in chronological order?
  • Angela talks about her new podcast for kids that launches July 1, 2019. 

Charlotte Mason for Today’s Families

The Charlotte Mason method has become one of the most popular methods in the modern homeschool movement. In this workshop, Angela outlines how we can use many of the tried and true aspects of the Charlotte Mason method in our homeschools today, while remaining pertinent to the time period in which we live. Come learn about who Charlotte Mason was, the time period in which she lived [compared to our current culture], and how we can easily adapt her method for our use – all while keeping a healthy balance and perspective. Charlotte Mason for Today’s Families is a popular workshop, which has helped dozens of homeschool families to find balance in their own unique homeschools.

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • The cultural differences and similarities of Charlotte Mason’s world vs. ours
  • The responsibilities of education – ours, our children’s, and God’s
  • What the main aspects of Ms. Mason’s method looks like in a modern homeschool
  • A word about method-following vs. using a method as a tool

Aiming at a Moving Target

Homeschooling our children is perhaps one of the most sanctifying experiences a parent could choose to undertake. Pulling from her experience of twenty years of homeschooling her own four children, Angela speaks about the sometimes hilarious and oftentimes frustrating issues that arise in our journey to home educate our families. No two homeschools are alike, no two children are alike, and many times, no two days, weeks, or months are alike. Just when you get into a routine and are building a little momentum, everything changes! Life happens, children grow, skill levels change, and what worked just yesterday doesn’t work anymore. Homeschooling truly is like aiming at a moving target.

A few of the topics covered in this workshop:

  • Learning to be flexible in our outlook and expectations
  • Being aware of the physical, cognitive, and spiritual changes our children are going through
  • Learning to set goals with open hands
  • Seeing the bigger picture

What I wish I’d Been Told at the Beginning

This workshop is a must for all new homeschoolers…or for those wishing they could call a do-over! In this fun, encouraging, and upbeat workshop, Angela covers all of the major areas that she wishes she had known before starting her homeschooling journey twenty years ago. Come get the skinny on making your first year (or your re-start year) the best homeschool year ever.

A few of the topics covered in this workshop:

  • What to expect your first year of homeschooling
  • Tips for choosing curriculum for your unique family
  • Keeping your sanity – short term and long term
  • Q&A

Helping our kids to De-stress in an Overstimulating World

Please note, this workshop can be adjusted for a teen audience if desired.

The importance of teaching our kids to de-stress in this overstimulating world is so extremely important. This is an all-new workshop, which addresses both the spiritual battle being waged on our children and the physical effects of the technological age we live in. In this workshop, Angela pulls from her training as a child development specialist to address how stress leads to anxiety, which if not addressed, turns into depression. Come and learn about how we can take practical steps in learning how to deal with it ourselves so we can equip our children.

A few of the topics covered in this workshop:

  • The connection between our culture’s technological advances and adolescent depression, anxiety, and even suicide
  • Tips and guidance in setting limits on technology in our homes
  • Helping our children understand what tech is doing to their physical brains
  • Tips and guidance for learning and teaching de-stressing techniques

Speaking Topics for Women’s Events – adjustable to various types of events

The following 4 topics can be used as stand alone sessions, or they may be mixed and matched to create content for a multi-session women’s event, church event, or homeschool event.

Get Dressed, Darlin’

Proverbs 31:25 says “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” In this workshop session, Angela speaks to the heart of women about this mysterious strength and dignity of the Proverbs 31 woman. In the confusion of a world culture that teaches women to live outside of their God-given role, how do we live strong, steadfast lives, yet be who we were created to be? Through Scripture, personal experience, and application, Angela outlines seven major areas of strength that women can experience in their lives: the strength in trusting, in humility, in surrender, in submission, in redemption, in renewal, and in self-discipline. Let’s stop cheating ourselves of the Divine strength that can do so much more than our own

Identified by Redeeming Love

Isaiah 61:3-4 says, “To all who mourn in Zion, He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for His own glory.” Many of us would prefer to divorce the pain, shame, and embarrassment of our pasts, but it is out of these ashes that God grows beautiful, strong oaks of righteousness. In this session, Angela uses Scripture and her personal testimony to illustrate the incredible power of the unfathomable redeeming love of our Creator God. Come away feeling encouraged and with faith renewed.

The Warrior in the Mirror

Look in the mirror, sister, and study that sweet face. God calls you a warrior – do you believe Him? “Blessed are those whose strength is in You, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.” (Psalm 84) As women, we juggle an armload of balls and wear a dozen hats. We demand a lot ourselves and sometimes feel unnoticed in the hubbub around us. It’s easy to let the noise and mess become our focus until we are completely distracted and exhausted. For some of us, it’s easier to give grace than to receive it, and as a result, we find ourselves dryer than a desert in the middle of a drought. Let’s not wait until our sanity is rolling away with the tumbleweeds. Instead, let’s meet at the well of His Word. In John 4, Jesus said to the woman at the well, “If you knew to whom you were speaking, you would ask, and I would give.” In this session, Angela invites you to come and drink from the well of living water, to rise up, and to strap on your armor. You were created to be a Warrior.

He’s Bigger

What can separate us from His love? Is there truly nothing too big for Him to carry us through? For anyone who has ever faced a mountain that seems insurmountable, a raging river that seems uncrossable, or a valley so deep and so wide that reaching the other side seems impossible, this session is for you. Many times we are tempted to minimize or downplay the pain we are experiencing. We are afraid that if we give it a voice, we are admitting that we don’t have the faith to face it…that perhaps God isn’t big enough to handle it. What we don’t realize is that by discounting our pain, we are discounting the promises of God. He is standing right there waiting for us to come to Him. He is bigger and He promises rest for the weary, strength for weak, and wisdom for those who so desperately need it.

Speaking Topics for Teens

I Believe in You, Kiddo!

Is the world constantly sending you mixed messages? Have low expectations and lies about your identity from the pop culture, high – and sometimes, seemingly unreachable – expectations from your parents and teachers, and confusing self-talk from your own emotions and brain become a jumble of exhausting mental activity tossing and turning like a washing machine’s agitator? Many teens secretly are wondering, “What end is up? What is the reason that I’m even alive? I’m so confused! How do I sort through all of this to find out who I really am and what I’m supposed to be? Do I really have what it takes to be a Christ-follower in this culture?” In this session, Angela reaches into the hearts and minds of the teens with the TRUTH found in the Word that brings confidence, peace, and wisdom to those who are searching. This session addresses these three points:

  • Why are we dealing with so much depression and anxiety?
  • What are the promises of GOD to this generation?
  • What is going on with the culture, and what can we do about it?

Learning to Win through the Tough Times

You’ve probably heard the expressions “mistakes are better teachers than successes” and “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.” Everyone experiences losses outside of their control, and we all make mistakes in life, but neither loss nor mistakes have the power to make or break us – it’s what we do with them that counts. Mistakes do not equal a lesson learned unless you learn how to “fail forward,” and losses don’t make you stronger unless you learn how to turn them into a win. In this session, Angela talks about the humbling process of learning to turn every mistake and loss into a life-win. This is perhaps one of the most strengthening and liberating session a teen could attend.

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