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About Angela…

Hello there, I’m so glad you’re here!

You might say Courageous Identity is my passion. It is my mission to support parents in their God-given mandate to teach their family: who He is, who they are, and what their purpose is. 

My experience with developing a Biblical God-view, a growth mindset, and powerful resilience through the journey of conquering my own childhood trauma, enables me to minister at a heart deep level. I’m also a veteran Homeschooling Parent, Childhood Development Specialist, Curriculum Specialist, Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Certified Mental Health Coach, a professional Resilience Coach with many years of training and experience, and I’ve developed a compassionate, heart-focused approach to teaching and offer “growth hacks” and simple strategies that develop leaders.

Empowering Mamas…

through encouraging resources specifically for homeschool moms.

Many times, we, as mamas, need healing, comfort, and support so we can be completely emotionally available for our children. Because I grew up with a difficult and traumatic childhood, I know from experience the life-saving power of learning the truth about who God truly is. This is why I am so passionate about nurturing the souls of parents with the truth that helps us live free, while walking with them on the parenting and homeschooling journey.

Empowering your family…

through Biblical Worldview Homeschool Curriculum.

Over the past eighteen years, I have worked to develop the Heart-focused Education method. This compassionate, soul-nurturing method is based on years of study in neuroscience, brain development, developmental psychology, relationship coaching, philosophy, and theology. It is the foundation of the curriculum series, Math Lessons for a Living Education, America’s Story, and The World’s Story.

Empowering your child…

through podcast episodes!

Real Cool History for Kids is a podcast show that encourages kids to connect with amazing history stories told from a Biblical Worldview perspective. Because my “one thing” (Psalm 27:4) is to know God and to make Him known, I want every interaction I have with children and youth to empower them with the truth of His love for them. This podcast show has reached hundreds of thousands of children all over the world with the message of the Gospel and the truth of who God says they are. This focus on courageous identity is designed to encourage their hearts and lead them to Jesus.

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