Math Lessons for a Living Education

What can you expect from the Math Lessons curriculum series?

Math Lessons’ Goals

  • gives your child a strong mathematical foundation
  • nurturing their love of learning.
  • produced and published by, Master Books, one of the industry’s leading Biblical worldview publishers
  • designed to strengthen your family relationships, faith, and Biblical worldview.
  • designed to be a tool to help you lead your children to Christ.

Math Lessons has a flavor of the Charlotte Mason method

  • short lessons to help train the child’s attention
  • copywork and narration moves the math concepts through the cognitive learning levels
  • addresses the whole child through stories, hands-on activities, and real life use of the math concepts

Math Lessons has an optional lesson plan & free placement tests

  • 36-week lesson plan takes you through the school year.
  • place your student exactly where they need to start in the series.

Want to learn more about Heart-focused education?

Go HERE to read much more in-depth information about the hearth-focused method of education used in Math Lessons for a Living Education.

Coming Soon to Master Books Academy…

Math Lessons for a Living Education Online Course Supplements!

All NEW!

Math 6 Online Course Supplement

Your Math Lessons students will LOVE this fun interactive online course, taught by Angela O’Dell’s son-in-law, Matthew!

Math with Matt features: Fun, hands-on, interactive lessons covering all of the concepts in their Math Lesson 6 curriculum will bring a new dimension to their learning experience.

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Also Available…

Math Lessons for a Living Education Teaching Companion

  • Teaching tips galore! 
  • A comprehensive scope and sequence for the entire series. 
  • All of the recipes in the entire series, all in one place. 
  • A handy guide for all of the levels of this series. 
  • So much more! 

Practice Makes Perfect – One for each level of Math Lessons for a Living Education!

  • Practice pages that match the Math Lesson curriculum lesson by lesson. 
  • A little extra math concept practice for that rainy afternoon.
  • Four quizzes for those families who live in states where they are required. 

Printed Right-brain (WHOLE-FACT) flashcards!

  • Simple, rectangular addition and subtraction, whole-fact flashcards. 
  • Triangular multiplication and division family, whole-fact flashcards.