Princess Penelope’s Reward – Bible Study Journal Digital Download



Hey, girls, are you ready to grab your Bible and dig into God’s Word? This journal will guide you through studying what God says about you. It will teach you how to gain wisdom, choose obedience, and be a light to those around you. Get ready to dig deep and build your character! You will also find fun, hands-on crafts, pictures to color, recipes to make, and mini-posters with which to decorate your room.

Note: if your child has completed (or is completing) Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 4, there is a story book mentioned in the storyline. Princess Penelope’s Reward is that story book. Here is a sample of the matching Bible Study Journal. The storybook has beautiful, full color illustrations.

To complete this journal, you will need the storybook, Princess Penelope’s Reward. [This link leads to Amazon.]


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