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    Co-op Licenses – now available at Jelly Bean Jar Books

    I’m am excited to announce my all new co-op license options! These are absolutely perfect for a group of 5 families or more wanting to use my self published courses, You Could End up in Timbuktu! or My Country, My State, My Responsibility! No need for everyone to buy their own book anymore (unless, of course, if they want to!). The co-op license makes it simple and affordable!  

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    Spring Sale!

    Spring Sale:  Buy any history volume on Amazon* and receive 50% off of any history journal digital download at jellybeanjar.org. Buy Head to Toe Storybook on Amazon* and receive 50% off digital download workbook at jellybeanjar.org.  Perfect for your Easter baskets!   Buy either Princess Penelope’s Reward or Henry and the Dragon on Amazon* and receive 50% off off the matching Bible Study Journal at jellybeanjar.org. Sale through March 31st! ANY OF THE ABOVE PURCHASES QUALIFY YOU TO enter a drawing for a  FREE, NEW, MASTER BOOKS EDITION of any math book (Books 1-5) [Drawing to be held on May 31.] Conditions: *Customer must forward order confirmation email toangela@jellybeanjar.org to receive the sales code for their 50% off…

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    Valentine’s Sale!

    Two great ways to save! Save 25% off of all digital products at jellybeanjar.org through February 17!  CODE: feb-digital25% OR Buy either Princess Penelope’s Reward storybook or Henry and the Dragon storybook or From Head to Toe storybook on my AMAZON store and receive a special code to receive 50% off of either Princess Penelope’s Reward Bible Study Journal  or Henry and the Dragon Bible Study Journal or From Head to Toe Student Workbook digital downloads at jellybeanjar.org  To receive special code for 50% off of the Bible Study Journals or Student Workbook digital download, customer must forward Amazon order confirmation to angela@jellybeanjar.org. Restrictions: one each book per customer This code…