Co-op license – You Could End up in Timbuktu (digital only)



Is your homeschool co-op doing geography? Introducing the co-op license for You Could End up in Timbuktu! This course is for kids of all ages and perfect for group settings.

With the “digital only” license, you will receive the digital files for the course via email, along with all of the additional content (optional studies, appendix material, etc.). These files can be saved to a storage devise and printed as many times as you need for your co-op. There is no expiration date for these co-op licenses. However, they may not be shared with anyone outside the authorized group.

After check-out, you will receive a digital pdf form to print and fill out with the necessary information for the license, along with further instructions to receive your course files. (Note: You will need to give the name of the co-op group, a contact person’s name and email, and an email to which I will send the files.)

Are you looking for a license for the digital files AND a print copy? Go here.



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