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Part 4: “Chunking” and Curriculum Choosing

I learned a long time ago to “chunk” my kids’ school years. I take each child and break their school years into workable chunks, like this:

Katie: (K – 3rd)  (4th – 6th)  (7th – 9th) (10th – 12th)

Inside of these chunks, I have a list of skills that I want to see accomplished.

For example: K – 3rd is focused on learning to read well, understanding math, exploring the world around them, learning to observe closely, etc. Each family will have different goals for these chunks of time. If you haven’t “mapped” our your children’s chunks, you might find it helpful to do so.

So, I have a “7th – 9th grade chunk” child, and a “10th – 12th grade chunk” child this year. (It still feels weird to have only 2 students!)

This is an example of Katie’s 7th – 9th  grade chunk for Bible:

– Learn how to use a concordance

– Learn who wrote each book of the Bible

– Memorize about 50 verses a year

– Learn inductive Bible study skills

– Learn chosen important hymns and their histories

When I plan Katie’s Bible for the year, besides the areas of character building, I also pray for guidance on what Scripture verses she needs to memorize, what hymns (if any this year), and what book(s) of the Bible to study. Bible is easy to plan, because we mostly use the Bible as our curriculum.

A note about curriculum shopping. You probably already know what I’m going to say.
It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting to try every new thing that comes down the pike. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.

Please hear me! DO NOT turn homeschooling into your hobby! It’s an expensive hobby and your children are not guinea pigs. Prayerfully choose your materials based on your prayed-about and thought-out plan.

Ok, having said that, this IS the FUN part of planning. I love new curriculum and materials as much as the next homeschooler. I just won’t let myself go (as) crazy anymore.

My next post will be a real life look of my plans for my 7th grader, Katie.

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