Step 2: Praying for each child

Step 2 starts with a review of our family goals.

* That we grow in our own personal relationships with Jesus

*That we hide His Word in our hearts

*That we all grow in our maturity and relationships

*That our children grow in the areas of information but through the Biblical Worldview based on what God says

*That their faith be built through apologetics

* That we all grow more disciplined in our attitudes and actions toward each other  and others outside of the family

* That we serve and pray for those less fortunate than we are

I spend a considerable amount of time in prayer for each child on a daily basis, but I ramp it up big time when I am going to be making decision concerning a new school year. I seek God for the Scripture of the year for that child.

I pray for each child:

*That God would make it clear if there is a certain area of character training needed

* That God would make Himself so very REAL to that child

*For God to show us as parents the Scripture for this child to learn and study this year

*For guidance on choosing materials to meet the goals for this child.

*For that child to have an open mind and heart

*For that child to take their education personally and to understand that true knowledge starts with the bending of their knee before the living God

*For God to help us facilitate the sacred connection between Him and the child

Note: When our children were younger, and I was homeschooling a “clump” of them, I prayed to know what materials to use that would meet the goals of family learning in the subjects we could do together. We also always prayed for each individual child about character training and that God would make Himself so REAL to each one.

Charlotte Mason says that we need a LIVING GOD FOR A LIVING EDUCATION, and I completely agree. God has to be real to us as parents first. We have to be growing in our relationship with Jesus first before we can pass that on to our children. 

Needed for this step: notebook and pen, time to pray for each child

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