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My Trim Healthy Mama Story – revisited

This week marks one entire year since I began the journey of taking control of my health and my weight. I wrote a post back in December of 2018 about the first three months of that process. At that point, I was down twenty-five pounds. Since then, I’ve reached my goal weight and maintained it for more than 5 months. This eating plan has completely changed my life.

Although I am not a paid representative of Trim Healthy Mama, and I certainly don’t think that I am knowledgeable enough about the plan to be a consultant, I can and do encourage everyone I know to please look into it.

First, I want to explain what Trim Healthy Mama is and then give you the top five reasons I love it and cannot even imagine living without it.

What is Trim Healthy Mama?

THM is an eating plan that helps you gain balance in your eating and therefore your life. Because it is centered around protein, healthy fats, healthy carbs, and lots of veggies and fruits, it brings balance not only to your dinner plate, but to your blood sugar, hormones, and sweet tooth.

Trim Healthy Mama was founded by two sisters, Pearl and Serene. They have written an extremely informational and helpful book outlining the plan. You can get it and their wonderful cookbooks here at their website.

There is an incredible Facebook group for THM Beginners that has been a tremendous help. Also, check out the THM app! This is a great tool to help with the analysis of food.

Five reasons that I love the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan…

  • First and most importantly: I can eat all kinds of foods that I like, therefore, it is sustainable. So many “eating plans” cut entire food groups out of your diet, leaving you feeling nutritionally lopsided. I’m a carb girl, plain and simple. I knew that if I couldn’t have a sweet potato with my dinner or a piece of toast with my coffee, there was no way in the world I would stick to it long term. I love that I can have two pieces of sprouted wheat bread (Knock Your Sprouts Off bread from Aldi is my favorite) with fruit spread and a strawberry Triple Zero yogurt with my coffee for breakfast. No feeling cheated!
  • There are no weird shakes and powders. Yuck…enough said.
  • I no longer get sugar crashes or cravings. Because all processed sugars are gone from my diet, the carbs I do eat are natural and non-crashing. Awesome.
  • Since I’ve reached my goal weight five months ago, I have easily and successfully maintained it without worry or stress. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out the balance of meal types my unique body needs to maintain without further loss. Once I worked that out, it’s super easy. No stress or worrying about regaining.
  • NO more brain fog.
50 pounds gone.

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  1. Congratulations, Angela! I always love reading your encouragement to others! What an amazing feeling to be FREE from food bondage and able to just enjoy the Lord’s bounty and gifts to us!

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