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Dive into Real, Cool History for the Whole Family

The new year is bringing a new direction to the Real Cool History For Kids podcast show! Each month, the two podcasts will be related to each other in some way and will be based on a story from a volume of my history series, America’s Story 1-3 and The World’s Story 1-3.

Here’s what we have to look forward to…

  • In January, join me as we explore some amazing and wonderful stories centered around the Colonial period of our country. [America’s Story 1]
  • In February, we will come into the Modern Age of American history and enter the events of the Civil Rights Movement in honor of Black American history month. [America’s Story 3]
  • In March, we will discover several weird and mysterious abandoned places of the world. [The World’s Story 3]
  • In April, we will travel all the way back to the Ancient times to peek into the mysterious civilizations of the Bible times. [The World’s Story 1]
  • In May, we will march into war with the Union soldiers who want to preserve the Union, and we will spend some time with heroes of that time period. [America’s Story 2]
  • In June, we will discover several more mysterious (and rather spooky) abandoned places of the world. [The World’s Story 3]
  • In July, we will return to the Revolutionary War era, where we will see it from the United State’s history side and from the viewpoint of the rest of the world at that time. [America’s Story 1 & The World’s Story 3]
  • In August, we will go back to the Middle Ages to hear two intriguing stories from the world’s Dark Ages. [The World’s Story 2]
  • In September, we will discover several more intriguing and mysterious abandoned places of the world.
  • In October, we will watch Napoleon try to conquer the world and hear about what stopped his rampage. [The World’s Story 3]
  • In November, we will take a look at the Reformation and Enlightenment Era, a events in history that changed everything. [The World’s Story 3]
  • In December, we will fly, sail, and march into war with the soldiers of World War 2 in honor of Pearl Harbor Day. [America’s Story 3 and The World’s Story 3]

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