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    growing…my thoughts about new years

    I have to be honest, New Year’s resolutions flummox me. There have been years that I’ve joined the 99% of the world’s population in declaring that I will make kick-butt changes with my diet and exercise routines, and, like 75% of that 99%, I’ve completely given up by Valentine’s Day (the call of the chocolate is just too strong to ignore!), but for the most part, I’ve never really bought into the whole “a new year, a new me!” mind set. It’s certainly not because there aren’t aspects of my life and myself that I would love to change; it’s because as I look back on my life, the most profound…

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    Part 7: doable resources for peace and sanity

    Have you ever had to restart your smart phone, iPad, or computer? Sometimes there are too many apps running, too many windows open, too much power or memory being used – the gadget freezes up and stops responding. At this point, the only thing you can do is just hit the restart button. This is exactly what I have to do with my life. Restart. New mercy. New grace. New joy. New strength. New peace.

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    Part 6: doable resources for peace and sanity

    I tend to be a perfectionist. There, I said it. Perfectionism can take on different forms – in fact, I believe it can be as varied and unique as the persons who struggle with it. My perfectionism tends to rear its ugly head in a rather subtle form. In fact, it can be mistaken for positive qualities, such as efficiency and diligence. Only those closest to me would know that the motives behind it just might not be all that pure.

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      I’m afraid. Is it really worth the possible cost? This world is a scary place – I mean, Christians are being beheaded by Isis! Wouldn’t it be easier and safer to just live here and not really follow Jesus?  These are the words of a child, whom I dearly love. These are real concerns – not something to be brushed aside flippantly. These are scary times. I’m in my forties – with years of God building trust in my heart and soul – and I daily have to decide to trust Him with my whole life, my whole heart.  My prayer is that God show up big time, in…

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    Jesus is Enough – revisited

    A few days ago, I wrote about how I was dealing with exhaustion and extreme mental, physical, and emotional fatigue. I said that I didn’t have the answers…nothing except Jesus is enough. I want to revisit that statement, because the more I focused on it – Jesus is enough – the more I realized that this simple statement is the answer – the only answer I will ever need. There doesn’t ever need to be anything more. The writer part of me wants it to be more…maybe something a little more difficult to explain – perhaps something that needs more flowery words and impressive eloquence. But the truth of it…

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    Jesus is enough…

    First, I need to apologize for the silence of the blog – it’s been over a month since my last post. To say that I’ve been busy in real life would be an understatement. In the last four weeks, I’ve run myself into the ground, spent every last single drop of energy, strength, and mental fortitude that I possess. I’m sure I’m not the only one that September hits like a ton of bricks.

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    Part 5: doable resources for peace and sanity

    I nearly scratched this topic off of my list of doable resources for peace and sanity. In fact, I scribbled it out, and then rewrote it, on my list of post topics – I knew I had to write about it. Even if it can’t be dubbed easy, it is doable. And it is important. [At this point, I’m wishing for an easier row to hoe – a funnier and more light-hearted calling. You know, the whole “Make ’em laugh” thing.] Oh well, since that isn’t going to happen, here goes… So often, my struggle to accomplish what I know is my responsibility nearly drives me insane. I feel like I’m…

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    Part 4: doable resources for peace and sanity

    Procrastination, laziness, anxiety, insecurity, fear, perfectionism, inability to focus, major lack of diligence. I think we all have dealt with at least some of these tendencies at one time or another. I know that I sure have. In fact, some of these weaknesses became a major life pattern – a train track that was leading me to nowhere, or at least nowhere good.