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    Part 3: doable resources for peace and sanity

    Hello, my friends! I’m finally sitting down to write this post…I’ve taken a bit longer, because of all of the “doable resources for peace and sanity” posts, this one is the most important. We’ve arrived at what I consider to be the linchpin that holds the wheel of my life on its axle. Without this one, there is nothing that makes my life make sense. I approach the writing of this post with a bit of trepidation. I write this with gentleness and humility, knowing that I need to live this authentically more than anyone else; God holds me responsible to live what I teach. So far we’ve talked about having a doable…

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    the joy of choice

    “Are you taking PSEO classes – you know you don’t want to miss out on FREE college! What are your plans? Where are you going to go to college? What are you going to do with the rest of your life? What? You don’t know? Oh well, you can have the year after you graduate to figure it all out.” I can feel her angst – the barrage of questions stripping her of her usual mature composure. I want to stuff a sock in the questioning mouth. Instead I wink at her and bite my tongue…besides, they’re well meaning, I remind myself. “It’s okay, kiddo,” I send the message with my eyes.…

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    “If we don’t talk, the devil will!” by Steve Lambert

    Father’s Day is this Sunday, June the 19th, so I asked Steve to say a few words on the importance of fathers in their families’ lives… But first a note from me: Some of my friends reading this may be single moms, and I want to talk to you specifically for a moment. You may be thinking, “This doesn’t apply to me. My children don’t have a father. And I just hate this whole ‘Father’s Day thing’ anyway.” Dear friend, I want to give you two words of encouragement… I’m praying for you. Life on this earth can be hard and, sometimes, oh so painful, but no matter who we…

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    Part 2: doable resources for peace and sanity

    Hey, friends, we are going to talk about the next item on my list of doable resources for peace and sanity. My goal is to encourage you in your life, and hopefully, to enable you to have courage to tackle some of those areas that may have you backed into a corner. First, I want you to remember that I’m a mom just like you, and my life can get pretty nutty at times! I may be the one writing this, but that doesn’t put me in a place above you at all. In fact, God usually appoints the one who needs to hear (repeatedly!) the message, to be the one…

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    announcing a special guest writer

    It gives me great pleasure to announce the guest writer, who has graciously agreed to join us here in honor of Father’s Day! This man is a dear personal mentor, friend, and, since my dad is no longer here on earth with me, my honorary dad. For more than two decades, he and his dear wife, Jane, have been teaching and guiding the generations coming up behind them. You all are not going to want to miss Steve Lambert on June 17th!

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    Part 1: doable resources for peace and sanity

    Originally, I was going to make this post simply about my favorite homeschooling resources. However, as I started writing, I realized that because homeschooling is such an integrated part of our lives, I was feeling rather segmented. Life doesn’t come in compartments – it’s all connected and interrelated. My life has to be organized according to priorities, or nothing works well, and there is no peace and harmony. I have a feeling that your life is that way, also. So, I scrapped my original post and started over. In order to have success and sanity, I have to have my priorities lined up correctly. My priorities dictate what I’m going…

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    Bu-bye, Burnout, you’re not welcome anymore!

    You probably already know this, but our family homeschools. No, we don’t “do school at home.” Like most home educators, we live learning. Our lifestyle is one that flows in and around learning in every shape and form – we’ve been at it so long, I have to stop and look at the calendar to see what week we are in. In years past, I often dealt with an exceptionally debilitating condition we all like to call “burnout.” You don’t have to be a homeschooler to suffer from this monster, but homeschoolers seem to come down with a special strain of it!

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    witness – not savior

    We’ve all been told that “failure is good – you can’t succeed or learn without making mistakes.” And most of us go, “bla-bla-bla” inside our heads and go right on expecting ourselves to be perfect. We call it high expectations. We say we demand a lot of ourselves. My personal favorite is my own “mediocre isn’t in my vocabulary.” When it’s all boiled down, though, what’s left on the bottom of the pot is the number one fear of mankind. (No, not public speaking.)                                       Failure. Rejection. Just plain old not being…

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    it is well with my soul

    I want to tell you a story. It is a true story, and it is unfolding as I speak. I bring it to you with the hope that it will touch your life, encourage your heart, and more than anything, inspire you to come to Jesus. If you are already a follower of Jesus, I pray that you will be inspired to draw closer to the Savior of your soul.   This story is about a young man named Matthew and his special friend, Laura. These two young people have been an inspiration to everyone who touches their lives; lives that have been Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused –  futures bright with dreams…