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Rocking Ordinary by Lea Ann Garfias Review

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In all of my years of interacting with members of my own gender, I have never met one who is not hard on herself. Whether it is about her size and weight or the tidiness of her house, she is her own worst critic. As a woman, I have rarely found a book that both encourages me with a hug and convicts me with the truth I need to hear.

This book did both. And it did far more. Author, Lea Ann Garfias, addresses every key area of our seemingly ordinary lives, bravely shining the light of God’s holy Word into those shadowy places where doubts and fears grow and insecurity and lies take root. For me, this book assured me that my extremely ordinary life is, in reality, a miraculous display of God’s grace and forgiveness, it convicted me to be more intentional about influencing those around me for Christ, and it reminded me that my service and sacrifice to my family were not invisible and unnoticed by God. More than anything, it was a soft soul-whisper reminding me that I have my Father’s approval, no matter what my hair looks like, how many dishes are piled in my sink, and how absolutely ordinary my life looks like from the outside – His grace makes it all extraordinary.

Rocking Ordinary Holding it Together with Extraordinary Grace is a powerful and delightful reminder that the God who made us, knows of our imperfections and weaknesses, yet does not hold them against us. Instead, He says, “I’ve given you everything to live a strong life. Don’t get hung up on the messes; keep your eyes on me, and run the race that is in front of you. Let me be strong through you.”

“The Almighty Creator of everything is mindful of just me – He knows every detail of every part of my day. He knows my mistakes and failings, He knows my hopes and dreams. He knows my busyness and worries and chores and recreation, and He just wants my love and worship through it all. How can I help but adore Him?!”

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Lea Ann’s warm, personal style of writing is like sitting across the table with a dear friend, who knows everything about you, yet still loves you unconditionally. Her candid retelling of her own ordinary self in her own ordinary life immediately places the reader at ease and invites her to put her guard down. As you read, you understand that her experiences in life have drawn her into the presence of her sweet Savior, and she wants nothing more than for you the reader to experience the same sweet fellowship, the same freedom from insecurity and insignificance.

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Listen to Lea Ann speak about why she wrote Rocking Ordinary, Holding it Together with Extraordinary Grace.


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The publisher of Rocking Ordinary, New Leaf Publishing Group, has created a small group study kit that includes DVDs, a leaders guide, and a copy of the book itself. This study has an option to be completed in either four or eight weeks.

What an encouraging way to build community within the women of your church or your own group of friends. Learn how God planned from the beginning to use women just like you and me to be incredibly strong, courageous, and extraordinary warriors who ROCK their ordinary lives to His glory.

Rocking Ordinary, the book and the Small Group Kit, is available through Master Books.


Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review. All opinions are my own.


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