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Real Cool History Detectives – Part 2

Week 2: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Harriet Tubman

The Real Cool History for Kids team welcomes you to the second installment of the Real Cool History Detectives Exploring the American Civil War miniseries. The goal of this exploration is to bring your family an immersive learning experience that will walk with you through the years surrounding the American Civil War. Because this is a multi-part series, we recommend you start at the beginning.

Start at the beginning of the miniseries, go here.

Please click on each of the links below to download and print the Miniseries Resources and the Parents’ Guide which contains the overview of the entire miniseries and the instructions for each of the recurring weekly activities (including Week 1). 

Miniseries Resources and Parents’ Guide

Please download and print these FREE resources to be used throughout the Exploring the American Civil War unit.

Week 2 Episode, Resources, and Study Guide

Listen to This Week’s Episode from the Archives

Discussion Questions for After Podcast Episode 8

  • What are some reasons enslaved people would sing songs, called Spirituals? (To express themselves, as a code, or while working in fields)
  • Who is believed to be the author of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”? (Wallace Willis)
  • Wallace is believed to have written the song to reflect his hope for what? (to be rescued from his own enslavement)
  • What were some challenges that “Minty” experienced in childhood? (born into slavery, abuse from overseer caused lifelong damage)
  • Where did Harriet help slaves escape from and where did they go?  (Maryland to Canada)
  • What are some attributes that Harriet became known for? (courage, persistence, and extreme discipline)
  • What was a nickname given to Harriet? (Moses)
  • What is an abolitionist? (A person who worked to end or abolish slavery)
  • Why do you think the nickname Moses was given to Harriet? (Moses also helped the Israelites, God’s chosen people, escape from slavery.)

Don’t miss a thing…

America’s Story Connection

America’s Story 2 has several chapters about the time period surrounding the Civil War.

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