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Real Cool History Detectives – Part 3

The Real Cool History for Kids team welcomes you to the third installment of the Real Cool History Detectives Exploring the American Civil War miniseries. The goal of this exploration is to bring your family an immersive learning experience that will walk with you through the years surrounding the American Civil War. Because this is a multi-part series, we recommend you start at the beginning.

Start at the beginning of the miniseries, go here.

Please click on each of the links below to download and print the Miniseries Resources and the Parents’ Guide which contains the overview of the entire miniseries and the instructions for each of the recurring weekly activities (including Week 1). 

Miniseries Resources and Parents’ Guide

Please download and print these FREE resources to be used throughout the Exploring the American Civil War unit.

Week 3 Episode, Resources, and Study Guide

Listen to this week’s brand new episode!

Discussion Questions for After Podcast Episode 115

  • Can you think of anything difficult you have gone through that helped you become even better than you were before? (Remember the quotes – “Good character most often grows from hardship” and “We can use hard times to make us better or we can allow them to make us bitter.”)
  • What is the date and place of Abraham Lincoln’s birth? (February 12, 1809 in Hardin, Kentucky)
  • Was Abraham’s experience with his father’s new wife positive or negative? (Positive. Sarah became a nurturing second mother.)
  • Where did Abraham’s family eventually reside? (Indiana)
  • What was something Abraham really enjoyed?  (learning or reading)
  • Can you name any of the positions that Abraham held in office? (Indiana Legislature, U.S. Congress, President)
  • How would you describe Abraham Lincoln? (Tall, thin, gangly, thoughtful, quiet, determined, God-fearing, etc. There are many possible answers here!)
  • Did Abe Lincoln know if his hard work would pay off or what would come of the United States because of his effort? (No. He did know that he had a God-given responsibility to do everything in his power to assure the desired outcome.)
  • What was interesting about Abraham Lincoln’s wife? (She was the exact opposite of him. Bubbly, quick to speak, fashionably plump, short, )
  • Name the three life and leadership lessons we can learn from Abraham Lincoln? (1. Good character and strong faith is most often grown through hardship. 2. We are put here on this earth for a divine purpose, which requires us to be humble and know that God has a plan. 3. We need to know when to stand firm and depend on God’s strength and courage to do what must be done to accomplish the plan God has for us.)

Don’t miss a thing…

America’s Story Connection

America’s Story 2 has several chapters about the time period surrounding the Civil War.

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